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Animal Decline Breaker Bench 1

Animal Decline Breaker Bench

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Louie Simmons - Powerlifting Legend - Squatting
At Westside, we are forced to use high quality, strong, safe and durable equipment to handle the strongest men and women in the world. Therefore, I want to encourage all of our overseas customers to contact Watson Gym Equipment directly, the only European manufacturer of Westside products to Westside standards.

I am personally looking forward to a strong relationship between Westside Barbell and Watson Gym Equipment.

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Ever Had a Shoulder Injury from Bench Pressing?


The most common cause of shoulder injuries when benching happens is when the bar is taken from the lift-offs.

The Watson Animal Decline Breaker Bench totally avoids that danger and the chance of injury when bench pressing near your limit.

Our bench is designed to remove the possibility of the very common shoulder injuries that occur when taking a heavy bar from the racks during a bench press.

Shoulder injuries can (and regularly do) put athletes out of action, killing months or even years of progress and hard work.

The bar uprights on the Watson Animal Decline Breaker Bench pivot forwards over your natural pressing groove, lift the bar slightly and the uprights will drop away allowing you to bench from the perfect position.

We guarantee once you use the Watson Animal Decline Breaker Bench, you will never want to bench press on another bench.

The bench itself is extremely heavy-duty and will handle over 750 Kg.  Bar uprights are fully adjustable and Olympic weight storage is included.

The Bench is fully adjustable from flat to a 50° decline.

The lift-off hooks on all our Breaker Benches have a nylon seat which protects the knurling on your valuable bar.

Another great feature of these benches is the adjustable band pegs providing the perfect way to build explosive speed and power.

The Watson Animal Decline Breaker Bench is the ONLY Olympic decline bench you will want to use.

Also check out our Animal (Flat) Breaker Bench and Animal Incline Breaker Bench.

Maggy on the Watson Animal Breaker Bench

Sam on the Watson Animal Breaker Bench

Sam using extra band resistance on the Watson Animal Breaker Bench

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