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power curl bar extreme orange
Extreme Power Curl Bar

Extreme Power Curl Bar

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Charles Poliquin - World Leading Strength Sensei
The dumbbell is a primary tool of strength training and therefore a primary purchase when you want to build a gym.

In my opinion, this is where you should invest the most money.

And the only brand I recommend is Watson.
Charles PoliquinThe Only Dumbbell Brand I RecommendWorld Leading Strength Sensei

Extreme Power Curl Bar » Watson Gym Equipment

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After 3 sets with the Watson Power Curl Bar Extreme you won’t be able to brush your teeth for a week!


This is the extreme version of the Watson Power Curl Bar.  The longer, revolving handles are angled at 10° to reduce strain on wrists and elbows and give the most natural feel possible.

The Watson Extreme Power Curl Bar is a totally unique bar that will allow you to train your biceps harder than ever.

The design of our Extreme Power Curl Bar pushes the weight forwards in an arc as you curl keeping constant tension on the biceps even at the very top of the movement.

During a regular curl, the load decreases as the bar raises past the mid-way point so at the top of the movement there is very little load on the biceps, meaning you can ‘rest’ the muscle in that position.  The Watson Power Curl Bar doesn’t allow this and 100% of the load is still acting on the biceps at the top of the movement.

The Watson Extreme Power Curl Bar can be used standing or with a Preacher Curl Bench.

Take your arms to new levels with the Watson Extreme Power Curl Bar!

Charles Poliquin with the Extreme Power Curl Bar


Ben Pakulski Loves our Power Curl Bar


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